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Welcome to the Tech Lady’s home on the Web. We believe you have stopped by to check out who we are and what our business may do for you or your business. So here we go…

I spent about 8.5 years working as the head IT and Web department of the local chapter of a national non-profit, where I supported approximately 45 users. During that time, I learned how IT and Web presence can be managed without having to cut off and sell both your arm and leg and without having to complete that rocket science degree you’ve been putting off all of these years.

In November of 2010, I started The Tech Lady, and in December 2011, left my job with the non-profit and made this business my full-time gig.

You have all sorts of great options to choose from when it comes to implementing and supporting your IT systems at home or at work. I stand out because I will take the time to get to know you and how you and/or your business function. I will bring an understanding of the technology to you in a way that makes you comfortable with your computer so that you are able to use it to work smarter instead of harder. Call (or email) me, we’ll talk.